Confidentially matching talented teachers and exciting jobs

Date: Wed 24 Feb 2016

Cutting costs and increasing effectiveness? – the role of Teacher Profiles

  • How much does it cost you to recruit an effective member of staff in the current climate of teacher shortages?
  • How long does the process take?
  • If there was a method of recruiting staff which reduced by up to 90% the cost in terms of time and money whilst increasing reach to potential applicants would this be of interest to you?

Recruiting staff is not only expensive and time consuming it is, as you will know only too well, also highly competitive in the current environment.

Understandably you want access to the best pool of potential applicants for your school and any tool which helps active this in an efficient and cost effective way must be worth considering.

Teacher Profiles can help. It will give fast access to potential applicants, screen them on your specific criteria and achieve this a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of recruitment.

Teacher Profiles recognises schools’ need for value for money:


Definition: Minimising the costs of resources used for a good, service or activity

Teacher Profiles saves you time and money. It undercuts significantly the costs of alternative advertising and agency fees.


Definition: The relationship between outputs and the resources used to produce them

Teacher Profiles is a fast, 24/7 service. Its try-before-you buy structure takes financial speculation out of the process.


Definition: The extent to which objectives have been achieved

Is your staffing strengthened? The small annual payment allows you to divert funds from expensive recruitment agencies to CPD for your whole staff.