Confidentially matching talented teachers and exciting jobs

Date: Tue 05 Jan 2016

Teacher Profiles and School improvement

Not only is there a lack of appropriately qualified teachers entering the profession, there is an increase in the number who leave after a relatively short time. Pressure of work and lack of appreciation are often cited as the main reasons for this.

Yet schools are caught in a vicious circle. They spend more and more on chasing fewer and fewer applicants, leaving less money for those activities which not only improve standards but also retain staff.

Strategies such as “growing your own”, talent-spotting, peer review and support, school-to-school collaboration backed up by thoughtful support and CPD have been shown to make a sizeable impact on school improvement.

The best example of this is the achievements brought about through London Challenge. Governments have seized upon the success of its outcomes whilst downplaying the level of funding which did so much to support this ground-breaking initiative.

Schools are being asked to replicate such success not only without the additional funding but with their own budgets reduced – a classic double whammy.

Teacher Profiles is able to help schools take on this challenge. By reducing expenditure on recruitment, heads are able to direct spending to supporting those initiatives above – not only upskilling staff but recognising their talents and achievements.

True, even Teacher Profiles cannot grow more teachers but being a purely online service means we have no geographical boundaries. We shall be looking to get teachers from abroad, who wish to teach here, to post their resumes on our site.