Confidentially matching talented teachers and exciting jobs

Teacher Profiles and Teach First

Teach First recruits people with “the passion, commitment and potential to teach in your school for at least two years, while working towards a Post”.
Teacher Profiles is here to help you get that Post and give you maximum opportunity to negotiate the best Post open to you.

Why choose Teacher Profiles?

We share the passion and commitment of Teach First to make a difference which will benefit pupils..

Teacher Profiles is not just a new approach to recruitment, its principles are different from commercial teacher recruitment agencies

Teacher Profiles has been conceived with trainees and schools in mind and has been developed by experienced Headteachers and senior leaders with input from teacher trainers, teachers and Headteachers. Like Teach First Ambassadors, we are “united by (our) shared experience and insight into the challenges schools face, practical knowledge of what works, and the expertise and commitment” (in our case) to eliminate the costly recruitment process faced by schools and the subsequent diversion of public funds away from pupils and into the hands of corporate shareholders. Unlike agencies we do not charge schools a premium for appointing trainees who have signed up with us. On average agencies charge schools between 15% and 20% of a teacher’s salary payable on appointment. This means that any potential teacher who signs up to an agency could cost the school a further £5000+ over a non-agency teacher. We believe this not only puts a strain on school budgets but also places expensive agency staff at a disadvantage.
Teacher Profiles is free to schools, thus levelling the playing field for all our teachers and enabling schools to appoint on quality not cost.

Your Profile is your chance to stand out from the crowd

Highlighting your qualities enables you to catch headteachers' attention. You will be able to update your profile from your laptop, iPad or mobile phone whenever you choose during your Teach First training (e.g. following mentor feedback, CPD, lesson observations, school experiences, reports).

Teacher Profiles puts you in the driving seat.

Headteachers (from our database of over 24000 schools) will be alerted immediately to trainees looking for future posts and your online profile will be accessed by those schools in your chosen phase, subject and geographical area.

Schools will be able to track your progress as you update your profile throughout your training and be able to contact you (via our secure server) as soon as they have an appropriate vacancy or potential vacancy.
As there is a teacher shortage, schools are looking to appoint earlier and earlier during the academic year for jobs starting in the following September. By offering a continuous opportunity to put your details in front of Headteachers, Teacher Profiles puts you at the front of the queue.