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Immediate access to profiles of potential candidates

Advertise and recruit in a confidential and secure environment for a low annual fee.

Immediate access

Recruitment is a competitive business. Teacher Profiles is fast and efficient - schools can contact a potential candidate as soon as a resignation/vacancy occurs. Access gives you a 24/7 opportunity to view the profiles of our pool of teachers.

Straight to shortlist

By looking through the profiles you can search out those candidates perfect for the post you have in mind and compile your shortlist quickly and efficiently.

Flexible and forward-thinking

Teacher Profiles is perfect for those seeking flexible, creative solutions to their needs. By looking at teachers' profiles you can produce different curriculum models according to the talent available, enabling you to plan ahead with more confidence. You will be able to evaluate teachers' skills and experience before you consider contacting them.

Control your costs

Teacher Profiles is committed to driving down the cost of recruitment. We charge a low annual registration fee and that's it. Unlike most agencies, there is no fee, payable on appointment, and schools can avoid wasting precious resources of time and money on placing commercial adverts as “fishing trips”.

Teacher Profiles enables schools to access to our database from which they can appoint both trainees and our more established teachers at no further cost.

Maximise your efficiency

Upgrade to Premium to obtain our SchoolAlert* service and you will be notified via PC, tablet or mobile, as soon as someone meeting your criteria posts their details online. You need never miss that ideal candidate again.
*service will be available in the near future

Cost-effective and suited to your needs, Teacher Profiles aims to be your first port of call when seeking quality staff.

Confidential and secure

Schools looking for staff see only that potential candidates meeting their requirements are available. Subsequent contact with the candidate(s) will be through email via our secure server. You can let them know of your interest and send an outline of the job specification.

Note that candidates are not obliged to respond. This helps maintain their security and confidentiality. Similarly, when you register as a school, you will be asked to provide a password and your school contact details will not be visible on the website.

Need more information?

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