Confidentially matching talented teachers and exciting jobs


We already use recruitment agencies. Why should we use Teacher Profiles?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our service supports schools in eliminating the expense and guesswork of failed adverts, percentages and commissions. Schools have spent up to £10,000 recruiting to a single post (source: NAHT) and regularly pay £1000s in percentage fees to agencies if they appoint one of their recruits.
Teacher Profiles is committed to driving down the cost of recruitment (money that could be better directed elsewhere). We offer a low-cost service enabling schools to cut down on speculative adverts and the subsequent wasted time and money.

Will I still have to advertise for jobs?

As well as receiving lists of potential candidates, you can place an advert with us – at no further cost.
We aim to become the first port of call for all schools (and teachers) as they release funds previously spent on advertising for other purposes.

How do you ensure the quality of the candidates?

Headteachers are best placed to judge the quality of any applicant and whether he or she will suit the needs/ethos/culture of their school. As with any job application, there is no guarantee as to the integrity of what is written. Our Terms and Conditions make clear our expectations of candidates and the responsibility placed on them and the schools. What Teacher Profiles does offer schools is the ability to see an applicant's pen-portrait (Profile) in their own words and make a judgement call before contacting them.

How much time does the process take?

Teacher Profiles is quick and efficient. Once you have set your criteria for the post, Teacher Profiles will present to you only those candidates who fit those criteria. We estimate that schools will be able to go from initial search to appointment within a matter of days. Those schools opting for the SchoolAlert* service will be able to move most quickly.
*service available in the near future

Can I access Teacher Profiles from my smartphone?

The Teacher Profile website can be viewed an all smartphones and tablets without any loss of functionality.

Why “SchoolAlert”?

The SchoolAlert service means that once registered, busy Headteachers and school leaders do not have to constantly go back to the website to check on teacher availability. A message to your email inbox means that you will be alerted as soon as a potential candidate posts their details. Our compatibility with handheld devices (see above) means that any subsequent contact can be made direct from your phone, tablet etc. wherever you are.

Isn’t a web-based service impersonal?

Our extensive and, above all, personal, hands-on experience of the recruitment process together with our experience in coaching and mentoring hundreds of teachers, from trainees to Headteachers means we have designed the appropriate web platform and tools to deliver the best service to both schools and teachers.