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Teacher Profiles and School Direct

A complementary service
People looking for a School Direct place can select this from the drop-down menu on the Profile page.

Turning the recruitment process on its head

All training routes (including School Direct) must go through UCAS. As with other teacher recruitment strategies, the process is fairly long-winded and based on schools placing adverts and for those wishing to get into teaching, to respond to them.
By reversing this process, Teacher Profiles allows would-be teachers to alert schools as to their interest in teaching. It is fast and flexible allowing schools and applicants to respond quickly to the situation.
Schools can then make contact (via our secure server) with the potential applicant.

Increasing opportunity for you and the schools

With your short Profile online, schools can see the calibre of person out there and decide if they want to offer a School Direct place.
This gives both schools and applicants a degree of flexibility.

Securing a job after training

Once you are into your training, your profile can be updated regularly as you seek to secure your teaching job for the following year.
For further information go to the tab “For Teachers” at the top of the page and click on "Trainee Teachers”.